Dedicated PHP Training in Lucknow

PHP training in Lucknow  by Promosys shares a blog about their PHP training as:
Promosys PHP training course is basically designed inorder to get you up to speed developing data-driven web applications using PHP and MySQL from scratch, through useful and relevant hands-on exercises which reflect real-world scenarios.We have dedicated IT professionals for emparting training and guidance. We provide certification courses in PHP development also.
PHP is a mature scripting language that you can find in use on many major commercial web sites - platforms such as Wordpress and Magento. This PHP training in Lucknow course focuses on PHP language and syntax, working with dynamic data from and to MySQL.There are numerous associated frameworks and platforms designed to speed up the process of developing and deploying PHP web apps, such as Laravel and Zend.

Lets have a look on your benefits that you ll learn by opting this PHP training in Lucknow :

PHP Language and Syntax Fundamentals
Database connecitivity
PHP Flow Control
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in PHP
Error Handling & Debugging
Setting up your development environment
How to serve up PHP pages
Regular expressions and text handling

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